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At this point I would like to mention and thank the many tutors and organisations which have helped me along the way

(please note that not all the tutors have their own websites and, in that case, I have chosen what I thought would be the internet site that refers to them).

Margaret Beal (Margaret does not have a website, but I include a YouTube demo where she shows various techniques - brilliant!)

Sue Beaumont, who was my original upholstery tutor in evening classes and who encouraged me to take the City & Guilds Upholstery course which changed my life and which took me into soft furnishings and further in textile art.  I do not know whether she has a website.

The London College of Furniture, which is now the London Metropolitan University, and particularly Malcolm, my first tutor there, who was brilliant.   I don't think they still run "hands on" courses, more's the pity.

Beppi Berlin, whose wonderful classes I attended at the Embroiderer's Guild.

Mary Bird, whom I met when she taught a course at  Walford Mill and who manages to push all her students on to higher levels without them even noticing!

Annette Bolton, whose quiet and precise instruction I really enjoyed at the Embroiderers' Guild.  Her speciality is beading.

Kate Dowty, who lives in nearby Bridport and who produces the most beautiful quilted textiles and is a fellow member of Hardy Quilters (see below).

Alison Holt machine stitches the most exquisite land- and seascapes and with whom I attended two workshops.  She has also produced a number of books and CDs on her subject.

Angie Hughes, well where do you start?  She is a fireball of wonderful techniques and the technique I came away with is the foil work.  I recommend watching her on YouTube.

Caroline Hyde-Brown, where I learnt to machine-embroider on silk paper and whose textile pictures are exquisite.

Ruth Issett, the "colour lady", who taught a very enjoyable workshop on Jersey a few years ago.  Her work with colours is breathtaking.

Steve Lockie, who encouraged me through the Patchwork & Quilting City & Guilds a few years ago.  She runs classes in Weymouth and is also a Quilt Judge.

Fay Maxwell.  Fay is a wonderful textile artist and tutor who positively fizzes with enthusiasm and encouragement and who is very generous with her supplies.  I learnt about the slashing technique in her classes.

Kate Paterson.  I encountered Kate first at an evening class she taught, but then attended many of her classes privately in Weymouth.  She is a master of many techniques and her students always produce wonderfully varied things.

Philippa Turnbull, who specialises in superb crewel work and teaches this technique in lovely workshops in stately homes.

My UFO (unfinished objects) group of ladies with whom I meet every other Tuesday for stitching (and, no, never bitching), tea and lovely bisquits, great chat, good laughs and support and without whom my life would be the poorer.

I'm sure I have forgotten someone, and, if so, I must apologise.  I could go on, but I have to stop somewhere.

The following organisations have been sources of great encouragement and have widened my horizons a huge amount:-

The Embroiderers' Guild.  This organisation not only runs a bookshop and workshops, but also looks after a huge archive of embroidery work.  I attended their Weymouth branch for many years.

Chesil Embroiderers - this used to be Weymouth's branch of the Embroiderers' Guild, but is now run independently and offers lovely classes.

West Country Embroiderers - a local independent organisation offering mostly embroidery workshops in Weymouth and the remaining West Country.

The Royal Manor Workshops :  one of the first local (Portland) groups I joined since moving to Dorset from London.  They are a very friendly group and offer many varied classes and events.

City & Guilds- what can I say?  I attended and qualified in a number of their courses and they always open new doorways to unexpected worlds.  I can only recommend them, but they do take over your life, so beware!

I am a member of the following:-

ArtWey CIC: without this organisation I would never have thought of exhibiting my work and its members are a wonderful, active and inspiring group of people offering exhibitions in and around Weymouth and Portland.

Quilters' Guild - a group I joined when I did the Patchwork and Quilting course and who run many events and classes nationally and whose head office and quilt museum is in York.
hold lovely workshop with in-house and outside tutors.

You will also find me on Facebook, which I enjoy very much (after two fruitless attempts at the beginning):-

And finally:  thank you for visiting my website!  I hope you enjoyed it.

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