Ingrid Ellis

Textile Art



It's interesting to look back to the journey of life and how it has got us to where we are.  In my case I was very lucky and was introduced to crafting at a very early age when my mother took me to the local class.  It was only recently I even remembered that we did this.  She and my grandmother ensured that I became well acquainted with knitting and crochet as well as embroidery.  My whole family was very practical, my grandfather being a watchmaker and my father could turn his hand to most things and also did woodcarving, painting and watercolour. So these were my first angels to put me on the road to creativity.

During my relatively straightforward working life it so happened that I visited a junk shop and promptly fell in love with an armchair with a garish green cover, which I promptly bought and then realised that I could not afford to have it recovered, which was absolutely essential.  So, yet another angel suggested I take an upholstery class, which I really had no inclination to do, but decided that needs must.  I had no idea that this was going to eventually change my life totally, and in the first instance it led me to several City & Guilds qualifications in this field and of soft furnishings.  I was very lucky that the courses included foundation modules on art and design and I realised that this is where I wanted to be, that I could design practical things and was really quite good at it.

Another jump further on and I joined evening classes, the Embroiderers' Guild and I did yet another City & Guilds course in Embroidery as well as Patchwork and Quilting.  This in itself might have been a hobby, but further angels appeared in my path in the shape of an organisation which had just started up called "Artwey".  This is a group of enthusiastic artists who set up a group to exhibit together.  Some nine years later we have had masses of exhibitions and the group is getting bigger and bigger and this year I am organising an exhibition myself for the very first time.

I am indeed a very lucky person.

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