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My artistic side took a long time to come to fruition.  Although I have always been creative and come from a family of "hobby creators", I spent a long time earning my living with things that really didn't float my boat.  But subsequently and inexorably I found myself pulled along a journey which meant I started creating original work that excited me and participating in exhibitions.  Since then I have been on a rollercoaster of new explorations and am constantly fizzing with new ideas.  Hence my work is quite eclectic and consists of:-

Wall Quilts  (my latest series is "New York Beauty", "Hot June" etc)
Photographic Stitcheries - my most current work and based on my own photographs
Collages, both in fabric and painted papers
Hand-stitched and very detailed flower close-ups
Machine stitched pictures on fabric and paper

My work in this website is sub-divided into headings (look for the "radiator" symbol, click on it and you will see the menu) and I hope you enjoy looking at the images!

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